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Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors, they’re truly iconic. They’re certainly some of the most attractive and universally stylish flooring materials you can get. They have a long history of being the go-to flooring option for almost any room. One great thing about hardwood that seems simple but you may not have thought about is how sustainable they are! Hardwood floors are beautifully simple, made of high quality hardwood and with a strong protective seal on it, they can take a lot of beatings over many years.

How sustainable are hardwood floors

Here’s your fun fact of the day, hardwood floors are the most abundantly available renewable flooring material you can get. Just think about it, the US Forest Service reports that more trees are growing than being cut down every year, and hardwood floors are literally pieces of these trees. Let’s compare it to carpets for example. Carpets take tons of synthetic materials and chemicals to make, while hardwood floors take very little water or energy comparably. And this carpet that damaged the environment a lot more to make, is only going to last you maybe 15 years if you really take good care of it. Your hardwood floors on the other hand, with the right attention and care, will stick around for a lifetime.

Why choose hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is superior to most other types of flooring in a variety of ways. The big one for a lot of homeowners is just the ease of cleaning it. For 99.9% of messes it truly is no more work than wiping it down with a moist paper towel and then drying it. A carpet for example, you have to go through the pain of vacuuming it and even then you’re not getting everything up and those allergens are just sitting there bothering you.

Another massive benefit with hardwood is how aesthetically pleasing it is. Just think about it, it’s one of the oldest types of flooring behind dirt and still is in style! The insane variety of colors, breeds, grains, and more means your choices are much vaster they they’ve been in the past. Check out flooring company Holly Springs professionals for more information.

Are hardwood floors for you

If you weren’t already sold on hardwood floors before reading this, you surely are now. They’re just unmatched in strength, longevity, and class. Believe it or not but adding hardwood floors to your home is a big selling point and a great way to increase its overall value. Just think about it, a lot of times when people move into a new house they have the carpet removed to show the hardwood underneath, but if you already have nice hardwood floors it just serves as a fantastic selling point.